1120 Rhode Island Ave- Before Pics

We have everything set up to begin some minor demolition at our new project at 1120 Rhode Island Ave. on Monday morning.  I had a chance to go by today to take pictures of the project before we start.  Our pine flooring expert came in yesterday and said the floors here are some of the best he’s seen in DC, period.  They are heart pine and all horizontal grain.  In addition, the planks run wall-to-wall, so there are hardly any seams at all.  We can’t wait to see how they look once we sand them down and clean them up.
The fireplaces will also be reused, as well as most of the trims and casings.  We donated the radiators to a company that repairs, repaints and then re-uses them.

The fireplace will be re-used, but the tile will probably not survive the move.  I took a lot of pictures of the tile so we can match with something similar when the project is further along.

All of this trim will remain, and this will become the living room for unit 8.

These doors are so cool that we’ll fine somewhere to use them again.

The layout of the steps will change, but we’re going to try to use the posts again.

This parlor is one of the most historically preserved rooms I’ve seen in DC.

The front doors will stay, or be replaced with something identical if the damage cannot be repaired.

These are the radiators- pretty awesome.  They’ll be salvaged and used in another house.

This picture really shows the grain of the flooring.  Can’t wait to see the finished ones.  The floor here in the foyer will probably be moved into one of the units and this will be tile or carpet.

This fireplace has a stone that looks a lot like emperador dark.

This stain glass and all of the original trim will remain.

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