1120 Rhode Island Ave- Progress

 At The Newport Tower on Rhode Island Ave, we’ve been busy framing up the new units.  We’re nearly complete with this part of the project and plan on starting the plumbing rough-in in about 7 days.  Downstairs, a crew is working to dig out the dirt to obtain at least a 9 foot ceiling height.

The first project was to replace the main beam in the center of the building.  We had to make it larger and steel because of the increased load of the 8 units.

After the welders set the beam in the new concrete footings, the carpenters came through to repair the floor in the affected areas.

You can see in this picture that we kept the original floors wherever possible.  On the left side of the beam is the existing beams, while the right side has the new joists.

On the top floor, we’ve been busy framing out the new roof.  The new roof line sits slightly lower than the old one to allow for roof access.

The new roof is almost 100% done.  It took a while to hoist all the heavy beams into place.  The plan for tomorrow is to start framing the walls in the top floor units.

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