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The Grayson

1133 6th St NW- Finished and all under contract!

After a long eight months of work, it gives me great pleasure to announce that our four unit condo project is fully completed. We put it on the market last weekend and had multiple offers on each unit within only a few days. Now, a week later, all of the units are under contract and we couldn’t be happier. The condos came out even better than we could have imagined. The timing was perfect too, as we will start on our next project at 308 9th St SE in the next two weeks.

Here’s the exterior after the windows were all cleaned up. We had to work very closely with the historic review board on the details, even down to the trim colors and rebuilding the original cast iron front steps. Also, the entryway to the basement is new- there wasn’t any front access when we bought the project.

Here’s the rear balconies and steps. If you remember, the building was an entire story lower and didn’t have any outdoor space. The entire rear wall is new, as well.

This is the unit on the second floor, which was fully staged. When we had the open house, we got the most positive comments on the shelving and the wood floors. For this project, we sanded and stained the floors in place, which I think looks a lot better than the prefinished ones you can buy at the store.

The great thing about these old houses is how much ceiling height there is on each floor. Even though we replaced all the joists, they’re at the same height as the original ones.

This is the second room, which is either another bedroom or an office. If I moved in I would probably use it as an office most of the time but a second bedroom when I had guests visiting.

Here is the full bath in the hall. I used a wall-mount vanity to make the bathroom feel bigger, and the dual-flush toilet to save water. I honestly didn’t get too many potential buyers who seemed particularly interested in all the green features, but they’ll thank me when they get their water and electric bills.

Here’s the loft in the penthouse unit. The loft was entirely new construction. This unit when under contract well before the project was completed.

Here is the loft, which the buyer will be using as his bedroom. It’s a great size and has tons of light. It also opens onto a large private deck.

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